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About the Opportunity:

Ognomy operates a HIPAA-compliant, web-based comprehensive sleep telemedicine platform; and the physicians we partner with can provide sleep telemedicine services to their patients via this platform, across their state of licensure and beyond.

It is the only end-to end, virtual sleep apnea care platform where doctors can evaluate, diagnose and treat patients, all from the comfort of their homes.

The benefits for medical practitioners include:

  • Direct integration with the Ognomy platform. If you have previously thought of taking your medical practice online but haven’t had the resources in place to do it, Ognomy provides the infrastructure with NO PERSONAL INVESTMENT NEEDED. 
  • Using modern, innovative digital technology to improve support, logistics and efficiency for your practice whilst lowering costs
  • Leverage Ognomy’s national coverage which makes it easy to attract new patients not just in your neighborhood, but throughout your state of licensure
  • Enhance patient experiences & increase loyalty through the provision of superior remote care
  • Virtual consultations and home-based treatment options mean you create your own flexible schedule and the patient journey becomes a much faster process
  • Partner with a value driven, patient centric brand that is quickly becoming the nation’s thought leader and pioneer of comprehensive sleep apnea care
  • Move beyond physical boundaries and brick and mortar settings to ensure virtual, remote access and availability to patients ANYWHERE at ANYTIME
  • Empower patients to self-monitor and adhere correctly to treatment, ensuring long-term PAP compliance

About Costs:

Physicians bill for, and collect from, their patients and applicable third party payors or insurers, retaining all of the associated professional service fees. In return, Ognomy charges a small fee for each transaction.

About Ognomy:

Ognomy has respected roots in sleep medicine, engineering successful home sleep diagnostic and treatment processes for nearly two decades to help patients sleep better at night. 

We want to help patients suffering from sleep apnea - quickly, easily and effectively. By offering high-quality specialty sleep apnea care, our goal is to remotely improve patient health and well-being through proper evaluation, testing, and long-term compliance.


Must be board-certified in sleep medicine.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 59892820
  • Location:
    All US States, United States
    Alabama, United States
    Alaska, United States
    Alberta, United States
    Arkansas, United States
    British Columbia, United States
    California, United States
    Colorado, United States
    Connecticut, United States
    Delaware, United States
    Dist. Columbia, United States
    Florida, United States
    Guam, United States
    Hawaii, United States
    Idaho, United States
    Illinois, United States
    Indiana, United States
    Iowa, United States
    Kansas, United States
    Kentucky, United States
    Louisiana, United States
    Maine, United States
    Manitoba, United States
    Maryland, United States
    Massachusetts, United States
    Michigan, United States
    Minnesota, United States
    Mississippi, United States
    Montana, United States
    Nebraska, United States
    New Brunswick, United States
    New Hampshire, United States
    New Jersey, United States
    New Mexico, United States
    New York, United States
    North Carolina, United States
    North Dakota, United States
    Northwest Terr., United States
    Nova Scotia, United States
    Nunavut, United States
    Oklahoma, United States
    Ontario, United States
    Oregon, United States
    Prince Ed. Is., United States
    Puerto Rico, United States
    Quebec, United States
    Rhode Island, United States
    Saskatchewan, United States
    South Carolina, United States
    South Dakota, United States
    Tennessee, United States
    Texas, United States
    Vermont, United States
    Virgin Islands, United States
    Virginia, United States
    Washington, United States
    West Virginia, United States
    Wisconsin, United States
    Wyoming, United States
    Yukon Territory, United States
  • Company Name: Ognomy
  • Position Title: Telemedicine Opportunity for Sleep Physicians
  • Sector: Medical Group
  • Discipline: Physician
  • Job Type: Temp to Full-time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: Associates Degree
  • Required Travel: None

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